Saturday, August 8, 2009

Yeah, back on theme

Are you sure? Don't want to expound on how the Civil War contributed to the invention of the refrigerator? Or how one's place in history is at times less about their exploits, than their alliterative, evocative name? OK then, if you're sincere...

There's a duality common to humans. We want to be individuals while we want to belong to a group. So much of literature explores what one owes himself, and what he owes his nation/family/church/class etc. It's all about wanting to be part of a herd, as long as the herd goes exactly where you want to go.

You are 15 years out from being universally acknowledged as OLD. This here, this ain't the script to "The Graduate." Nobody external is saying what you should or should not be at age 67, for the sake of the tribe.

This is all on you now. Go ahead, make excuses. It's still all on you now. Either a passionate, engaged person, contributing to the tribe in amazing ways? Or a bitter old man operating on the ethos that this life is nothing more than a dance marathon from the 1940's where those who stand up for the longest merit adulation.

The old man you'll become is in gestation right now. Complacency about it means letting inertia and entropy have their way with you. This is the time for assymetric warfare.

So it's good you did that today. "Find-A-Grave" is a great website. People from all over, want photo evidence of their ancestors. Takes somebody to go find the graveyard and take pictures. You did a mitzvah, and got outside your routine.

Every DA knows, conviction relies on proving the accused had motive, means and opportunity. As it is with crime, so it is with good deeds. Dave, the time is coming where many mitzvahs available to you now? Well you won't have the means and opportunity maybe. Do what you can while you can, but protect the motive always.

Remember? Mark Twain wrote:
"Twenty years from now, you probably won't regret things you did. You'll mostly regret what you didn't do."

What kind of old man you're going to become Dave, it's all up to you mostly now.
This ain't the script to "The Graduate." Get out there man, and stay out there.

Koo koo ca choo Mrs. Robinson...

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