Sunday, August 30, 2009

Setting new routines

Well sure, the FBI investigated "Louie Louie" for over a year, at Bobby Kennedy's request. Very thorough, that FBI. They couldn't figure out the lyrics either...
Um, what was I talking about? Oh yeah!

Psychologists all agree, should it ever become common knowledge they're mostly making stuff up as they go along, it's gonna be really bad for business.

No, not that Dave. The other thing they all agree about?

Oh. Psychologists all agree habit maintenance takes between six weeks to three months. This of course is garden variety habits. Not stuff involving ingestion of chemical substances, phobia related behavior, or OCD folks. If you want to stop a routine or start a routine, the shakedown cruise is six weeks to three months.

That because routine is lodged in the auto-pilot regions of the human brain. We're all running on auto-pilot much more than we realize. For whatever reason, that region of the brain requires its time period for reprogramming.

So you made it to Church once in a row. The next challenge is twice in a row. Keep it up, and it'll become something you do every Sunday without even thinking about it. I'm not necessarily saying that's a good thing on some levels, but the important thing now is to build the new routine.

I bet lots of people think the many different Protestant denominations stem from the Reformation, Martin Luther, stuff like that. How could they be so misinformed? It's really cause there's too many hymns for just one denomination. Protestantism is actually organized along vocal register lines. One either has a Baptist, Methodist or Presbyterian voice. Whatever kind of voice you have, that's the Church you're supposed to go to. Oh yeah, and only Mormons know the lyrics to "Louie Louie."

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