Tuesday, August 4, 2009

It goes both ways

But not in equal measures. Think about it? Culture A was once universally oppressed. What would be the sociological ramifications to individuals freely absorbing elements of Culture B?

Well, within one's group it might be considered inauthentic and faithless. Outside the group it could be considered fawning or "uppity." It would be seen by some in both groups as acknowledging one's inferiority by imitating the "betters."

I suppose that's a current that runs through recorded history. Cultures that live as enclaves among alien, unwelcoming cultures will intensify in cultural identity, via a kind of societal compression.

That alone makes it very difficult to define a behavior associated with some African American cultures that really has caucasian origins.

Just wondering here Dave? Do you put the disclaimers before or after a very controversial statement? Hmmmm. Better play safe and do both, huh?

Among a small percentage of urban black males who probably grew up in fatherless homes...

Dueling. Or more precisely? An exaggerated sensitivity towards perceived insults against one's honor, leading to physical violence. That ain't from west Africa. It's more from Sir Walter Scott. I've seen a display case ten feet long, full of Antebellum dueling pistols. Was a time when rich, white Southerners were just crazy about shooting at each other. Sure it went on up North (see Aaron Burr) but it found full flower in the South. Dave? Don't get into primogeniture and how it culturally played into exaggerated sensitivity about honor, OK? You'll run long!

Primogeniture + Sir Walter Scott + it gets REAL hot down here = lots of dueling among the Antebellum rich. Ahem. That's where most of the slaves lived.
So yeah. People get killed frequently nowadays in some really bad areas of large cities, over the dumbest damned things. Probably going to happen again in Memphis this weekend. The people doing it, and the people who'll shake their heads watching the news, assume it's a "black" thing. But it's not. It's a "white" thing.

Among a small percentage of urban black males who probably grew up in fatherless homes...

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