Friday, August 28, 2009

If we love our country

We must clone Ted Kennedy immediately! Our way of life in the US depends on the two party system. Roughly defined, there are the Democrats who tax and spend spend spend.
Then there are the Republicans who borrow from China and spend spend spend.

I really don't know how some Republicans are going to make it without Teddy. He was perfect!

Big as a house, had that yankee twang to his talk, that whole Chappaquiddick skeleton in the closet. I'm not one to talk, but it's been rumored Ted was a Catholic too!

While I wait for Ted to be cloned, and some Republicans wander around like autistic kids on a field trip, guess I can survey Ted's career.

I really don't know as Ted ever did a damned thing worth mentioning, in his Senate career that spanned most of my life. Ahh, he was a younger child, and smart as a whip. That type are often deal makers behind the scenes. He maybe accomplished many things I'll never know about.

If not for Chappaquiddick, he'd surely have been President. Bad call, taking on Carter. Palace coup hardly ever works in this country. I don't think the Ted insurgency led to Carter's defeat. Mr. Reagan was a very talented man. Did the Ron insurgency contribute to the Ford defeat? I really don't think so.

But see? If not for Chappaquiddick, Ted would've been the nominee in 1976. He'd have beat Ford. Ted had that Irish tongue. I so admire those people for their cadence.

But he's gone to see Jesus now, and lots of folk who didn't like him will miss him.

I've been playing phone tag with Arnold all day. He says California can't afford to clone Teddy. They're paying teachers with IOU's and lots of brush fires too.
Maybe I can get Jane Fonda to run for something.

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