Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Joyce Winn is 58

It's OK there David, you can state the blatantly obvious now & then. 58 is kinda old for a hooker.

But she sure did get arrested for offering sex to undercover Police folk in Memphis this weekend.

I wish I could get in touch with Joyce, just have lunch with her and talk, but it wouldn't be appropriate.

Same as like I've never visited Graceland. There's folk who go there take it very seriously. I'd go there and barely (unsuccessfully I bet) restrain myself from laughing.

Wow, and I feel at times I've hit a career wall???? 58yo old prostitute, not good, not not good!

I can't help wondering is this the end of Joyce's career arc, or is it a new thing?
After all, she might've been a Lawyer, and decided at one point to take the advice of that fine 70's Rasberries song, and just "Go all the way" I dunno really.

Once had a spirited debate about prostitution, with a person who'd had the misfortune of attending College at a young age, and believed everything they were told. He'd have really got me too, had he stuck to the Libertarian ethos, that two consenting adults, etc.

Instead, he took exception with the phrase, "Selling one's body" as describing prostitution. Let me see here? Something like...

"This is nothing more than an attempt to equate an act of commerce with chattel slavery."

"But prostitution has been called 'selling one's body' at least since Elizabethan times, certainly."

"I don't care if women have been oppressed for 600 years by that phrase. A woman owns her body. If she wants to exchange sex for money, that is not selling her body."

"OK then, if this will help you out? Let's agree that all prostitutes retain ownership of their bodies throughout. They're like landowners who have oil. They engage in contracts assigning, er, drilling rights! How about that?"

It's swell to attend Berkley, but it ain't cool if you go in dumb and come out worse.

There really is a Joyce Winn, and she maybe has kids and grandkids.

I can't imagine what that's all like, any more than I can imagine what having an MFA from Berkley is like.

Out here in the real world, prostitution ain't about a woman owning her body. It's about Joyce Winn.

I SO have that Rasberries song stuck in my head right now!!!

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