Friday, August 28, 2009

Quick, to the Adventutron!!!

Sure, it's a hard thing I'm asking you to do. But you have the chance, right, and obligation to design the old person you'll become. Well a good percentage of him anyway. It will be a lot of hard work, but worth the effort.

Have you ever thought how much of what you have to do, you'll be doing alone?

You really want to climb Mt. Whitney, don't you? (Do everybody a favor and just start wearing a toe tag now, OK Dave?)Well, who else do you know who wants to climb Mt. Whitney?

That's just the start of it, and we could go really really dark here, trust me, but the point is?

Every day isn't adventure, (unless you count driving in Memphis) but every day is training and prep. Time is now for you to examine your relationship with going it alone.

There've been many times when going it alone strengthened you, and gave you joy.

Going it alone hasn't always felt like that though, has it? I mean, you're not a character from an Ayn Rand novel, are ya? Sometimes going it alone feels like, well? We're not going dark here. Let's just say there've been times in your life, personal and career, when your vision attracted no companions, despite your long association with them and your willingness to say every word in the dictionary, from aardvark to zygote. That didn't feel very good at all, did it?

What's called for now is emotional neutrality about going it alone. No Ubermensch shall you be for going it alone, and no resentment towards those who can't go with you. See? It's not, and never has been they won't go with you, they just can't.

Full emotional neutrality about going it alone Dave.

You want to be a person who wants to go to Church regularly? Yeah, you do. After all, it ain't exclusive to adventures that should require a toe tag to be worn, right? It's little things too.

You ain't ever gonna see Machu Pichu, or climb Mt. Whitney, or take the helm, however briefly, of a three master (Zowie! I'm SO gonna do that!) if you can't attain and maintain emotional neutrality about your actions. Go to Church this Sunday by yourself. It's training.

I expect a full report on Sunday, around 2:00pm. Let's sympathize watches. I got little hand on the eight, big hand fell off long ago.

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