Saturday, August 22, 2009

Theology by Plebiscite

Harry Houdini, towering intellect. From him I learned: When everybody is looking in one direction, you turn around and look the other way, cause chances are that's where the interesting stuff is going on.

That's how this recent Lutheran deal will go too. All the chest thumpers on both ends of the cultural spectrum looking the wrong way, missing the point entirely.

What does the militant homosexual fringe want? I don't know, stylish yet comfortable shoes maybe? Well that too of course, but mostly they want full cultural equivalence for the homosexual lifestyle.

So a national assembly of Lutherans has voted to allow homosexuals in monogamous relationships to be ordained as clergy. I can imagine Huffington Post right now, "courageous step in advancing gay civil rights"... what a load of horse manure. Only time the fringe Left likes organized Christianity is when the church is doing something harebrained. This isn't cultural equivalence.

Who will stand and give American homosexuals the cultural equivalence they desire? OOH OHH! Mr. Kotter! Pick the bald hillbilly!!!

This isn't about homosexuality, and everyone who looks in that direction should turn around. This is about fornication. Me, I haven't blushed in several days. I'm well aware that folks do lots of things behind closed doors. This isn't about homosexuality, not in the least.

Why does the Lutheran resolution specifically exclude heterosexual fornicators I wonder?

Even a reasonable atheist would acknowledge that serving in the clergy is an enormous responsibility. Set the bar too low for entrance, you're courting trouble. You want people in those roles who have sweat equity in the gig.

A Christian would say, while the New Testament has little to say directly on the topic of homosexuality, it does speak pretty clearly on the qualifications for church leaders. Open fornicators need not apply. No offense kids. It's not about homosexuality at all really. It's that you took a vote and decided Paul, Peter, Luke and others charged with transferring Christ's teachings to real time human structures while caught between Jewish and Roman oppression, well? You voted that these serious, sober people who paid with their lives for the church, well they didn't know what they were talking about.

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