Thursday, April 15, 2010


Like I say every year when KISS gets snubbed by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, it's always the shy, non-assertive people who get run over in this world. So in the same way I defend KISS I now rise to say a word for Pamela Anderson.

Word came this week the former 'Baywatch' star is on the hook for $450K in unpaid past taxes to the IRS.

What? You want to write the jokes now? Why don't you start your own blog! OK, all right I'll say it... Pam Anderson is SO Busted! Happy now smartypants?

This isn't funny business, that's a lot of money. Ms. Anderson is seriously in arrears. That's a lot to be behind. They may grab her assets.

Around tax time, IRS usually makes some kind of high-profile announcement like that. Guess they think it's intimidatory PR or something. I could see it having opposite effect though really. We're not so much of a long-term thinking culture nowadays, after all. Could well be some tax cheat hears that and thinks, "If it took so long to catch her, I'm probably OK a few more years."

But we can get too caught up in the faceless ebb & flow of things and forget there's a very real person at the center of this drama; Pamela Anderson.

Of course we're all tempted to wonder what Pam's done in the past ten years to earn a paycheck. I dunno either, but movies get made in Spain, Italy, and Eastern Europe all the time where she'd come in handy probably.

Some might find it difficult to see Pam sympathetically. But I say that tax bill should be forgiven based on her contribution to the Tabloid publishing industry alone. There was a time, in between Princess Di's death and Britney Spears/Paris Hilton gearing up, Pam singlehandedly supported several checkout aisle publications.

So if the Pres can pardon a Turkey every Thanksgiving, I should think Ms. Anderson could receive Pamnesty on her tax debt. Hey! Just had a thought (which is rare for me). Former Pres Clinton should try pardoning her! That's never been addressed by the Supreme Court, whether a former Pres still has pardon privilege.

Just sayin' here? If we let former Presidents retain pardon privilege, we could revoke their pensions, and they'll do just fine. Hey, we're all for reducing National debt, right?

Uhmmm... what was I typing about? Oh yeah! Pamela Anderson. Most people don't know how Pam found herself in this bind. Well I keep abreast (sorry, couldn't help meself) of these issues. What happened is this...

On page 1834 of the new healthcare bill, there's a federal sales tax on cosmetic surgery, retroactive to 1985, so that's what happened. Dolly Parton's probably in a heap of trouble too.

I'm glad Michael Jackson's dead, cause this would kill him.

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