Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bad Ideas...

Well, as Hemingway counselled, write from your own personal experience, right? Now these two pictures here, that's visual representation of bad ideas, but the pairing is an example of synergy. Either photo tells a humorous story alone, but together? It becomes "The Mysterious Case of the Wandering D"...

Will get back to them in a minute though. Two women got caught trying to get a dead guy on a plane??? It's a bad idea, but only because they were never going to get away with it; UK airport security is second only to Israeli. I admire the logic behind the attempt though. It likely costs more to transport a corpse than an airline ticket costs, so... who am I to juge.

This lad here, well? I don't have any tattoo at this time; probably never will. The tattoo artist seemed ambivalent about CApiTals anD lowEr cAsE letters though, didn't he/she? I'm suspecting the sentiment is less religious faith than youthful rebellion. This tattoo though? It's a rarity in the world, being a self-fulfilling anti-prophecy. I very seldom encounter those. Cause see? Just about every english speaker at the beach IS going to juge him.

As opposed to that idiot who scared an airliner full of people by smoking a cigarette in the restroom. Bad idea all the way around! Scrambled fighter jets? SHEESH! He won't be prosecuted though cause he's a Diplomat. Yep, Mohammed Al-Madadi from Qatar. No, I don't know if he was smoking a Camel!!! That joke's too easy, I'll let Leno have it. Whole thing could've gone very badly though, had the air marshalls not stayed cool. Barely missed being a Tradgedy.

I take exception to the young lady's locational choice for her tattoo. All the world's a stage, and we each play many roles in our brief time on Earth. Sure she's got hardware in her mouth now, but? Seeming a finger snap, that fast and she's 37, married to a Dentist. That tattoo location will vastly limit wardrobe choices for attending formal events, ya think? Oh she'll be all right I suspect. Twenty years from now tattoo removal will likely be a thriving business.

Who I really feel sorry for is the tattoo artist. What a cruel irony, having handwriting so pretty, yet being obviously dyslexic. That's a real tradgedy.

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