Thursday, April 1, 2010

Holy Week Update

Well sure I'm commenting on the news! It's always new news, and really really old news too.

"The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God"

That's from Psalms, ca. 1000 BC. I still say BC, though I know 'BCE' is current fashion among historians. Atheists have been around a LONG LONG time!

Which brings up something I never thoughted about before. What do atheist kids hunt on Easter weekend? I should market Darwin eggs! That'd be cool; multi-colored plastic eggs with a swirly pattern running around them. Start with slime, through fish, amphibian, monkey and finally TA-DAHH! Upright man walking at the end of the little plastic Darwin egg spiral. Yes, upright man, the dangest highest expression of blind mutation what ever was or shall be! All bow and worship, uhmm... yourself!

I should get right on that Darwin egg thing, probably be a big seller. Uhmm... not not really, not so much. There's not really a lot of Atheists in this world; it just seems that way because in Western Civ they get to be so loud. But I don't want to type about Atheists anyways. Just wanted to observe they've been with us since
1000 BC at least. I want to talk about wasps!

People like me enjoy keeping track of science. Did you know there is a territorial fish, that alters its landscape (well waterscape I guess) in ways that will attract prey animals? Well there is. LOTS of bee and ant research runs past my sponge brain regularly. Some recent examples would be...

Queen Ants don't mind so much if two thirds of colony members die fighting; she's a CYA kinda girl, that type.

Honey bees had a really hard Winter, and they weren't doing just dandy before Winter. That's bad, because along with earthworms, Honey bees are the unthanked providers of every American meal.

But why have I never run across any wasp research? Could it be they're not exactly 'user friendly' insects? I bet a wasp would sting a corpse just for practice. I've always wanted to start an Internet urban myth, and maybe here's me chance. How about... "Five year, fifty million dollar taxpayer funded study concludes, wasps are mean little bastards."

Don't laugh; I bet it'd catch on better than Darwin eggs. So why do wasps exist anyways? A very frustrated person asked me exactly that yesterday. I told him, "Well, I'm not sure. But I do know the larva make excellent fish bait. Perch are crazy for them. Old folks used to knock a nest down, and that's good fishing there, or so I was told."

I don't think he found that answer satisfactory. I learned that info from a darling ancient lady who was alive before Teddy Roosevelt was president, and was a certifiable wild child well past puberty, and I mean decades past puberty. I knew her as a nearly blind old woman who could bake the best lemon pie you ever ate, and was drop dead crazy for fishing.

But it's a fair question; what are wasps good for? I know they eat flies. So no wasps, a bunch more flies. Other than that I don't really know, except it pleases God they exist. That's enough answer.

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