Monday, June 1, 2009

Sort of sorted out

It's stark stuff, and I'd rather do quadratic equations. Is there such a thing as justifiable homicide when it's not your life at risk, and the laws of man be damned? Yeah, I think so at times. Was this the case in the guy killing the Abortionist?

If it's extra-legal and it's justifiable, then to whom? To us other humans? Heck, history proves we humans can be talked into damned near anything. No, the term "justifiable extra-legal homicide" is meaningless, unless it implies Divine sanction or acquiescence.

You're not a Bible scholar (though you do know the words to the "Gilligan's Island" theme song so you have your priorities straight there!)but maybe the Bible can be used like math proofs to address this Kansas killing.

1.) Is God unchanging, and did God order that the Midianites be smited, meaning a whole bunch of killing? Yep, on both counts, according to the Bible. Logically, this means God still retains the perogative to direct humans to kill humans. Further, since the Midianites were a collection of individuals, it must follow that God can settle on one individual for a killing.

2.) Has God ever directed anybody to kill an individual? Not anywhere in the Bible, far as I can recall ("If not for the courage of the fearless crew"). God ordered Abram to sacrifice Isaac, but that wasn't ever going through, and was just to help Abram understand his own heart as God already did. Of course, must have been a swell experience for Isaac for a while there. Sort of the first ever "take your son to work" day, huh? Did God speak to David saying, "Go kill that Goliath dude"? Nope. So there's no math proofs ("the millionaire, and his wife") in the Bible that God has ever exercised Its logical perogative to order an individual to kill another individual by name.

3.) Applying it directly to the Kansas incident? Has the Creator, unchanging and until relatively recently interested in smiting Midianites, ever told anybody to do something then run away? ("The Professor and Mary Ann") I really don't think so. That's the kind of stuff would stick with you Dave, if you ever readed it. I just can't recall anything like "And God said verily thou shalt smite the Caananites, thou shalt smite them to the Nth degree of smiteitude, then, and this is the most important part? Thou shalt skeedaddleth pronto."

So the math proofs from the Bible ("here on Gilligan's Isle") seem to indicate either God wasn't in it, or God's been watching "Sopranos" re-runs and has adopted a new tactic.

Maybe the Kansas abortionist was only doing cases that actually involved the life of the mother, I don't know. Maybe he was taking all comers. Did God sanction his killing? Nope, not according to math.

Dang! I excluded Ginger, and we're all about diversity these days too! Well I always thought she was a big tease anyways, and besides? Something bad wrong with a woman who'd take an inexhaustible supply of lipstick and mascara on a "three hour cruise, a three (sounding ominous and portentious) hour cruise."

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