Thursday, June 11, 2009

Two in a row?

And Death, she said, "I didn't point at your servant, but merely raised my hand in surprise, seeing him in Baghdad, so far from Samarrah, where later tonight we have an appointment."
Appointment in Sammarah, Somerest Maugham

Negumi was a brilliant physics student doing post-grad work. Takes a whole different skillset to get by in the high desert though. She was lost in the NM mountains and would likely die unless somebody with the right skillset came and found her. So that's just what they did. Then the rescue helicopter crashed into a mountain.

Johanna was having a ball on her vacation, so she missed the flight to Paris. And nobody who boarded that plane ever landed in Paris. On a winding road in Austria today Johanna's car swerved into the path of an oncoming truck.

Now how is a bald hillbilly supposed to grasp these things? Negumi I guess might've managed to wander out of the desert alive had she not been rescued, I suppose. Or she could've had a long lingering death out in that country that hates humans. Really, coyote food is the statistical norm. Johanna though, what a creep-out there!

Had she made that Air France flight, there's an Austrian truckdriver who wouldn't be having nitemares, maybe for the rest of his life. Johanna got less than a week's delay in her appointment with the other side. Wonder why. Wonder why we think about things we'll never figger out Dave.

All I know is when they want you bad enough, they will come get you. And a lady missed her flight to Baghdad and decided to drive to Samarrah instead.

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