Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Snap goes the weasel

Well it was always gonna be something. You just never know though, right? I mean it's not authentically "snappish" unless the trigger is some strange little thing. Not like it ain't a target rich environment! But when you snap, it always has to be in reaction to a seemingly ordinary stimulus.

I know my culture is stark raving mad, nothing to do with the economy. Gay marriage is now the law in Iowa, and Doctor assisted suicide is now legal in Oregon. And in Tennessee, the combined effect of two pieces of recent lawmaking means? Well it means you can't smoke in a Nashville Starbucks, but you can carry a loaded pistol in there.

With all that to choose from Dave, it took the chirpy chatter of the CBS "Early Show" this morning to make your blood boil??? But there it was!

Something like, "And we'll have more on how a concerned woman helped solve the murder of a KY single mother".....SNAP!

Slowly I turned. Step by step, inch by inch. I reached for a chainsaw but there wasn't a chainsaw! I looked around for a sledge hammer (boy is my kitchen poorly equipped!) All I could find was a spatula. Slapping the evil TV with my weapon I shrieked furiously in tones audible only to dogs and Metallica fans, "NOT A SINGLE MOTHER NOT A SINGLE MOTHER!"

I'm sorry the KY girl got killed, and happy her killer was caught. But she wasn't a single mother, she was an unwed mother. A single mother is either divorced or widowed.

The steady erosion of words until they mean nothing. The inability of a culture to hold fast its moral paradigms. Lip service only towards those who flout the rules, and the helpless victims they produce. To quite broadly paraphrase Franklin, who was a bit of a randy lad himself but could turn a well honed phrase..."He who can neither hate sin nor love sinners should expect to find himself up to his armpits in both very soon."

Unwed mother is to single mother as cow is to unicorn.

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