Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I will miss the Pyramid

Of course it ain't in the US media. Maybe Rush/Hannity/O'Reilly are already running with it though. As we grow older we accept what was always true, that nobody can keep up with everything. So maybe Rush/Hannity/O'Reilly are already on it.

But the english speaking press in foreign lands are all over it. Some intrepid lad has figgered the best way to save Flint, MI is to get rid of it entirely. Ahh, the sweeping beauty of non-linear thinking! Dan Killdee (shouldn't that be Killcity?) wants to bulldoze large swaths of Flint, letting them revert to greenspace where buffalo will graze, and of course Sioux hunting parties will quickly follow, I guess, I suppose.

So his ideas about saving cities by destroying them is a seed that has found fertile ground in the White House! He has a list! People who make lists, well you just got to respect that effort? And good old bad old Memphis is on the list!!!! That according to London's prestigious Daily Telegraph, and news organs not yet owned by Rupert Murdoch in other english speaking countries.

WOW and coolbeans! Where do I go to take bulldozer driving lessons? Which parts of Memphis shall we destroy first?

Sure, Memphis has long been corrupt, same as every other river town. The only thing that's changed in a century is the skin tone of the crooks. But I can't help wondering if the citizens of Memphis know they are on a tenative list, and do they want to participate in a glorious revolution that includes the end of their city?

Sure, I'd LOVE going down to what used to a depressed area of Memphis, and watch Sioux hunting parties pick off buffalo, who wouldn't? But what happens to the folks liberated by the bulldozers? Are they supposed to join up with the Sioux?

I've been to these places and life still thrives there, despite very hard conditions. Churches, daycare centers, barbershops and beauty parlors. Do the bulldozers know these people as I do?

I think not really. I think I know Memphis better than Mr. Killdee or our President do. Perhaps Memphis doesn't want to be saved by being destroyed. But that's just me.

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