Sunday, May 31, 2009

The noble savagery

"I could never love a God so impotent He needs me to punish infidels and heretics for Him."

And don't you wish it was all that easy? Don't you wish you could hide forever behind the words of others that you quote with the facility of a parrot?

An abortionist got killed today. God said (or saideth I guess) "Thou shalt not kill."
God also saideth "Thou shalt smite the Midianites" and I don't think the Creator meant "give 'em a good talkin' to."

Bonhoeffer I assume knew the ten commandments, yet was smack dabish in a plot to kill the little corporal. And how about this? It's 1856 and you meet on the road about 24 slaves being led to auction by two overseers. You've got the means to interrupt the outcome where mothers will be sold away from their children, never to see them again. You can get all these people to Canada. It means killing the overseers, so what's your plan?

The overseers probably have family who will be left in dire straits, but these guys are engaged in an immoral biz. Ya gonna smite them Midianites or what?

This guy who got killed today, at the Church where he was serving as an usher, he was engaged in pushing the limits of Roe vs. Wade far beyond limits imagined in 1973. This was a man who used his technical expertise to perform third trimester abortions on demand.

The killer thinks himself a protector of very viable fetuses, and probably counts the taking of one life justified, since it will likely mean at least two dozen late term abortions won't be performed, so unwanted babies will be birthed and given up for adoption.

And I don't know that he's wrong. While there are plenty of schizophrenics who fervently believe God wants them to kill Pat Sajak, the Creator is also unchanging and constant. I won't exclude from my theology the possibility that God dispatched a smiter to Kansas. I just don't know really. I keep thinking about 24 slaves, two overseers, loaded gun and I'm (really really) a good shot. I keep thinking is it wrong to kill a man in Church, who will kill a viable fetus perhaps, the following Monday?

Did that Doctor even have any right to set his foot in a house of worship, unrepentant about his vocation? Was he an abomination in the eyes of Creator, using God given talent to kill babies only weeks away from breath and the arms of loving adoptive parents?

I wish I didn't have to struggle with these issues, and instead just stick to parroting the words of others. David wants a cracker, like real bad.

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