Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Well, how about that!

President speaking on 'Today' show said "I have meetings with experts so I know whose ass to kick"... boy, they have experts for everything now! Wonder if there's a separate think tank that advises President on which foot to use.

Of course, that's not a natural speech pattern for Mr. Obama, so the whole thing came off somewhere between disingenuous and 'Now, see here Biff!' but I understand why he thought he needed to talk like that.

He's been getting criticized for insufficient emotionality about the Gulf Coast oil tragedy. Hmmm... we sure have become an addled, adolescent culture, knocking our leaders for something like that. We're all about style now? We'll feel better about millions of gallons of crude in the Gulf, if our President would just be angrier about it??? Y'know, that guy has nuclear launch codes. It's fine with me if he's rather calmish by temperament.

And what else is going on... oh yeah! Some people in Africa smoke vulture brains. Yeah, there is a belief in southern Africa, smoking buzzard brains gives one ESP. I'm glad nobody does that in the US; how we'd keep the Surgeon General's warning labels on all those birds, I just don't know. It'd be very expensive.

Besides, I don't even think it works. After all, nobody predicted what happened in Gambia today. Police there busted a EU bound cocaine shipment, street value $1 Billion dollars! Yeah, I know! I'm shocked too! Who knew there are honest cops in Gambia!!!

But the Gambian authorities and Interpol are quite happy, saying this will strike a blow to the newest major transport route from South America to Europe.

However, I'm sure there are some guys in Colombia aren't very happy about it. They're probably meeting with experts right now about whose ass to kick.

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