Sunday, June 20, 2010

Same Old Rut

Well, sometimes you should follow the breadcrumbs... This week I hear NPR segment on a guy who's professing Christian and also self-taught fossil brainiac. Tone he was treated with was decidedly 'loveable crackpot' I thought.

Then today, I read an article claiming that 'theistic evolutionists' are making stumbling blocks for unbelievers. Never heard that term before. In a beautifully written piece, the author lays out several points, this being the main one:

Christians who accept that Darwin was right about some things are therefore acknowledging some of the Old Testament is allegorical. That's a slippery slope, with denying the Virgin birth at logical other end.

These two seeming 'coincidental' data points are my breadcrumbs, so I'll write about it. God is in the news, God is always in the news! Wish I could say that's due to the worshipful behavior of believers, but nope, not so much really.

One bunch that keeps God in the news is Atheists. Those people talk about God way more than Christians do, you betcha! I've no idea what it must feel like to spend one's energy on something they claim doesn't exist. Must be a strange life. Kinda like being a nudist fashion designer.

But back to this central semi-Talmudic dialogue, about whether Christians who accept some of Darwin's work aren't serving the Cross? Since I guess that sorta describes me, this is where I launch a defense of my positions, huh?

Naw! Had you going for a minute there though, right?

What this debate shows is we're still the same impudent children as Adam & Eve were. Yep, put us in togas or spacesuits, but human nature never changes.

Example? Early in Christ's ministry, there's a passage in John, speaks about a controversy. Some listeners said 'Could this be the Messiah?' Others said 'Scripture says the Messiah will come from Bethlehem, and this man's from Galilee.'

And there ya go! That's how we impudent brats roll.
Either side, whether Bible literalists or 'theistic evolutionists' we're doing it again!!! Whether claiming confidently that Noah's Flood made the Great Canyon, or asserting confidently that the Cambrian explosion was part of God's plan...

From where does our confidence about such trivia arise? How about this? It stems from our impudence that we as a species have EVER demonstrated faithfulness that would justify the Creator's full revelation to us. It stems from our pride in believing we're able to understand the mind of God. It stems from a heart unwillingness to acknowledge that God is greater than we can ever imagine.

Again, as usual, and forever, our eyes are looking somewhere else than where the action is.