Friday, January 22, 2010

Wacky news roundup

Say what you like, but golf would be a more respected sport if one's opponents were allowed to be loud, distractive and otherwise rude during the swing.

Hmmm, so what's in the news?

French junkies are dropping like flies due to a big batch of anthrax tainted heroin going around. Sounds like our Afghan allies need to review their Quality Control procedures.

Sarah Palin is yet to feel full force over the Nashville deal. Looks like Haiti is overshadowing that story so far, but I think it'll bubble up at some point. At times you ignore appearance and do the right thing. Like cruise ships docking in Haiti, providing at least a couple dozen steady paychecks and giving some workers a semblance of continuity amid the ruins. Other times, appearance means everything. Like, I'm just saying, hypothetically? IF there was some movement afoot celebrating the wisdom of common Americans? Getting roped into some phony baloney "convention" that charges $350 per ticket is bad enough. Asking for $100K speaking fee in order to tell people it's about time we "common" Americans asserted ourselves more in the governmental process... probably not a good idea there Ms. Palin.

And in New Zealand they are busy filing the serial numbers off rifle scopes. Yeah, I thought the same thing. For what the heck does New Zealand need sniper rifles? But, this is where it gets weird. The scope is very futuristic tech, internally lit in some freaky deaky way with radioactive hydrogen isotope that will eventually end up in Lake Michigan, betcha. So the US manufacturer of uber scope did a thing with the serial numbers. Ends with like JN8:12 stuff. IF one looks that scripture verse up, it's about Christ saying He's the light of the world. So it's a flippant, disrespectful comparison between the words of Jesus & a radioactive rifle scope.

So they're filing it off in New Zealand. And I'm sure lots of furor will continue to percolate here in US among people with LOTS of free time. But what I think is funny is there are people on this planet who believe soldiers come back to base, after a hard day at WW4 and look for encoded Kaballic type messages in rifle serial numbers. According to these folks, might the soldiers be playing Yoko Ono records backwards further seeking hidden messages? I wouldn't blame the kids a bit. Yoko Ono might sound better backwards.

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