Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Dumbest 'religion' ever!

Oh, I don't really have much original to offer about religion. Anybody who's read the Bible would come to same conclusions as I do. Like for instance...
a. Abram's intended sacrifice of Isaac was the first official 'bring your kid to work day' day.
2. Desert life must be really boring if Moses wanted to go watch a burning bush.

Well, there is this? If Christianity is a made up religion, it's about the dumbest one anybody ever made up.

I'm trying to imagine a bunch of marketing guys sitting around a conference table, couple of thousand years ago...

"Now all the dark stuff in human nature, we're going to tell people they shouldn't do that."

"Well I talked to the Greeks and Romans, and their religions allow all that. Won't we lose customers to them?"

"No, you don't understand. This is all about market branding. We set ourselves apart from the competition. People will love it, trust me."

"Hmmm. Guess it might work. Long as we stick to 'thou shalt not' and stuff."

"You weren't at last week's meeting. We decided to have a bunch of 'thou shalts' too; keep it interesting."

"Like what for instance?"

"We tell people to be humble instead of proud, selfless instead of selfish, forgiving instead of resentful, turn the other cheek, go the extra mile, it's a long list really."

"This is just insane! Nobody's gonna want membership in a faith where you DON'T do the dark human nature stuff, but you're supposed to dig down deep and DO what's against your nature! You better change some of these rules, or we'll wind up with a couple dozen converts, tops."

"Fat lot you know Mr. 'in the box' thinker, cause this thing is already taking off. See this scroll here? Nero's invited us all to the Colosseum next week!"

Maybe I've got a limited imagination, but I can't fathom it. Why on Earth would anybody invent such a demanding faith, while surrounded by less rigorous dogmas?
Hmmm... well there is that I guess. Maybe it wasn't invented 'on Earth' at all.

I'll have to be sure to think about that later. Right now it's movie night!!! Picked up a good one at Blockbuster. Some sort of prequel post-apocalyptic global warming thriller, but with a message. Stars Al Gore, Al Franken, Frankenstein and Ben Stein. It's called "The Day before the Day after Tomorrow."

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