Friday, July 10, 2009

Watering plastic flowers

Yeah that's true all right. If Mr. Rogers and Rod Serling swapped places, both their shows would've been more interesting.

"Hello boys and girls. You're looking at a man, well sure you are."

What were you thinking before that though? Peach cobbler tastes really good, no I mean before that even? Oh yeah! Bedford Falls!!!

Twenty years in business management and I just have to ask, why was the Bailey Building & Loan always in trouble? It's not just that it flatlined with alarming regularity and here's another round of compromises, sacrifices and lowered expectations for old Georgey Porgey. Why is that exactly? Even in the best of times it wasn't a profitable biz.

Maybe cause it was a dumb idea, under capitalized in a town too small to sustain it? I dunno, not my project really. But this I know in the place where I live.

Hey George? Listen to me? We're spirit kin, you and I. Put on your big boy pants and start thinking about accepting? Maybe this is the time when you can finally see, this running around the forest, pushing with all your might against trees that want to fall? It's silly and pathetic.

The Building & Loan doesn't love you George, it never did. I don't blame the B&L cause it told you best it could. Don't invest your hope in me. I want to fall down. Go find yourself somebody who wants to stand up?

George? Do we have the guts to change our action, and let what ever wants to fall down just do so? Are you scared George? Cause I know I sure am. I reject the notion now and forever that it is my job to keep every dead tree in the forest from obeying gravity.

You got maybe just one watering can in this life? Will you use it on plastic flowers, and so prove what everybody already knows, that you're pretty much a walking dumbass with an exponent? Or will you find the courage to let every thing that wants to fall just fall, and give yourself unashamed to those who really want you?

I'm betting you'll find a way to screw it up George. It's all yours dude!

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