Monday, July 20, 2009


Why do I have to always be the one to say this stuff? It's because everybody else on both sides is making big bucks for acting like constipated dinosaurs, that's it, isn't it?

Dude, Mr. President? I honestly wish you well and pray for God to guide & protect you. Now let's get to the part about you being a dumbass.

Why do you want to create a massive new Federal health structure, when you already got two? Well, three really. I guess you want to do it so you can say you did it, and I understand this alpha male deal very well. Trust me, it's a double edged sword. Me, I've nearly always tried to instead find the quickest path to clear-cut victory. But yes I too am slowly dying from testosterone poisoning, so I've made a few bad calls along the way.

As I understands it, your plan predicts additional costs of $1.7 TRILLION to all US taxpayers over the next decade, so 45 million Americans can be insured. I'm not even reaching for my calculator. You could probably buy each of those citizens a Porsche cheaper (and I ain't so sure all these Americans you're talking about are citizens) but the focus? Tell me ONE time when the Federal government has under-predicted the cost of a program? Take your time, I have all day. All I have to do is colorize surgical instruments and implants at the moment. The answer is never.

Why don't you get 'em on Medicaid? Yeah, that looks easy to me. Expand the eligibility requirements, charge the working poor some for joining the system. Sure, tax the rich some, since your heart burns with a fire hotter than the sun for income redistribution. And you've got it.

A GOP guy said today, this health care initiative of yours would be your Waterloo.
You said today, it's time to move past the politics of the moment.
Both comments were equally stupid, my opinion.

You want to fix something, fix Medicaid, that's bleeding money like a stuck hog. Add these 45 million pour souls who apparently keep you awake at night to the Medicaid rolls. As a Conservative, I see you as a big government Liberal and I want you to fail. As an American, I support my President, but only when he's right.

So do that dude? Relatively easy and quick.

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