Thursday, February 4, 2010

You can't win

Acronyms are fun generally, in their misuse to explain word origins. See, like the word "Cop" for instance? Some folk think that comes from 19th century London, meaning "Constable On Patrol." Not like that at all though. Acronyms as an english language mechanism date from WW2, nearly completely.

Acronyms are fun specifically in looking how groups approach them. Sometimes tortured effort is apparent, in the group flailing for an acronym that spells out a snappy word. Like ACORN for example? Association--Community--Organizations... don't all three of those words mean the same thing? Other times a group seems to have shown no thought at all in what its letters spells out. Nixon's 1972 Commitee to Re-Elect the President comes to mind. Wonder how much they paid some PR firm to come up with "CREEP."

I also wonder if confusion and embarrassment ever arises from similarly initialed acronym groups. Like in Spain, there's that Basque terror group called ETA. I wonder if conversations ever happen like...
"We did that car bomb 'cause we're ETA."
"Oh, that bunch what wants everybody to go vegetarian."
"No! We're ETA! ETA! We don't have any P!"
"Well you should consult a urologist. Blowing up cars won't solve anything."

Now in Washington this week, a brand new acronym group bubbled to the surface. CREW: Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington... well, who wouldn't be for that! But wait, there's more? They want abolishment of White House prayer breakfasts. I'm not going to spend much time observing that too much prayer MIGHT not be the biggest problem in Washington right now. Instead, I prefer to imagine the internal wrangling went on, as the group struggled to construct its acronym.

I'd really like to think there was one guy who stubbornly held out for "Citizens Reforming American Politics" and just couldn't understand why nobody would side with him.

Because Proofers can be very dedicated folks at times. I often wish we Faithers were equal in resolve more regularly.

Like here's Proofers for you? Just about every time something gets dug up in the Holy Land, I bet a delegation of Proofers is on the next plane, seeing if it somehow feeds their hunger. I should be fair and say? Many Proofers are only personally involved with their lack of proof a God exists. Some though are looking to prove there is no Creator.

Yeah, no kidding. Keeps a few hundred well educated people quite busy. While some look for natural explanations how the Red Sea parted, others transcend that by maintaining there never was anybody named Moses. They haven't begun denying existence of a Red Sea yet though, not as far as I've heard.

So I read with very little surprise this week, news of a workers' grave being found in Egypt near the pyramids, and the resulting Proofer feedback. A whole bunch of, "See! This PROVES that Hebrew slaves didn't build the pyramids! Ha, you dang old Faithers!"

Well, I don't recall anywhere in the Old Testament where it says Hebrew slaves built the pyramids, but there's another issue? Yeah, graves of maybe couple dozen skilled laborers have been found near the pyramids, I saw Dr. Hawass interviewed about it. Really, pretty difficult for any archaeology fan NOT to see Dr. Hawass at some point. He's a total media hog, far worse than Jesse Jackson.

Me, I don't think a couple of dozen Egyptians built the pyramids all by themselves. Maybe space aliens helped them. Yeah, that could be it.

Well, there's another thought? There are Proofers who believe space aliens exist and have visited Earth often. They just don't believe this beautiful, magical planet was fashioned by a loving Creator. Hmmm, what a marvelously unrestrictive belief system!

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