Sunday, February 7, 2010

News from the brink

To paraphrase Alexander Woollcott, there is nothing wrong with this country... that a miracle wouldn't fix.

So what's in the news?

Mrs. Palin gave a rousing speech at this weekend's Tea Party convention. And in a taped segment aired today she said she's eyeing a 2012 run. Well that's nice. I think the hard Left is making a big mistake in trashing Sarah. They drive up her negatives some, but they drive up their own negatives a LOT. That said, I don't go for Sarah 2012. Why would I replace an unqualified man with an unqualified woman?
Seriously, I could support Newt in 2012, but Sarah? Not so much.

In Vancouver, they're trucking in snow for the Olympics. Hey, know how the modern Olympics got started? France got its butt kicked in the Franco/Prussian war, about 1876 as memory serves. That outcome should come as no surprise to anybody. The only great military leaders France has ever produced were Joan of Arc and Napoleon...and Napoleon wasn't really French; he was Corsican.
So after the Franco/Prussian war, some French guy got the idea that maybe France would do better in the next conflict if French men were in better physical condition. And that's how modern Olympics got started.
That's why there are winter Olympic events where you ski, then target shoot, then ski some more...

My favorite Olympics story is from 1936. Nope, not Jesse Owens, but Eleanor Holm. She'd won a gold at the 1932 Olympics in swimming. Was on her way to Berlin and got TOTALLY blitzed shipboard, I mean like Willie Nelson drunk. She was DQ'ed by coaches for setting a bad example. This is when winning meant less than honor.

Now in Washington DC right now? They're not trucking snow in, but out. Thirty inches of snow is fairly impressive. I believe both Karl Rove and Pat Robertson have characterized it as God's referendum on the Obama administration. Me, I hate this whole blizzard, since it limits access for those who wish to crash the White House Superbowl party.

I bet a thousand dollars in the Vegas party crasher trifecta. Steven Tyler to win, Stephen King to place and Ray Stevens to show. Why didn't I bet on the Superbowl instead? What are you, French or something?

The Superbowl is a really great thing. Why, I don't exactly know, but it is. Finely tuned atheletes who earn millions for working three months per year battle it out for the Lombardi trophy. It's funny to me that I've never heard an athelete, rock star or movie actor called "greedy." Wonder why that is? Perhaps people conditioned to class envy see in atheletes and entertainers a face they can identify with. I dunno.

I also don't know who will win the game, but I'm thinking Colts. All I know for sure is both teams are strong contenders, and either team could conquer France, like two weeks, tops.

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