Saturday, May 15, 2010

Good ol' Boys, Bad ol' Boys

Yeah no kidding. I was driving in South Mississippi and a bird swooped down in front of me, had to pull his carcass out of the bumper when I got home. And it was a mockingbird, so how 'bout that? I killed a mockingbird!!! Oh yeah I know technically it was Mustang assisted suicide, but I'm hanging on. It's not every day I get associated with a literary classic. And I deserve to be associated with 'To kill a Mockingbird' cause I feel like Atticus Finch and I look like Boo Radley.

Usually at this juncture I'd comment on status of author Harper Lee. But I recently learned the Reaper reads this blog, so nothing doing. I'm not giving the Reaper any more leads.

While in the deep South I drove past a souvenir place selling bedspread sized Confederate flags with Mr. Obama's picture on them. I wonder if they sell many. I thought about the Chinese workers who made those flags. Bet they were telling each other "Boy, those Americans sure do like their President, huh?"

I understand that some who drove past the store were outraged. Sure hope they don't express that indignation to those flying the Obama/Rebel flag, cause it would tickle them to no end, make 'em worse. They're just good ol' boys. 98 percent of them don't mean any harm at all, they're just trying to get a rise out of folks.

Now the bad ol' boys, that Times Square bomber guy for example. Probably just me, but he looks remarkably like John Stamos' ugly brother. He parked that SUV where it could've killed/injured dozens. He's in a lot of trouble. Along with fertilizer, propane etc. he packed the SUV with fireworks. Fireworks are illegal in NYC. Not like good ol' Mississippi where fireworks are completely legal, and one out of 58 adolescent boys is nicknamed 'lefty.'

Terrorists getting inspiration from Wile E. Coyote are to be preferred over the more lethal sort always. Frankly I don't know how anybody could be too dumb to blow up a car; it's got a tank full of gasoline. Still, it's not very funny. Neither is the talk about enhanced measures for dealing with next suspect.

See, Abdul Stamos there? He's a US citizen. Some from both parties are proposing next time a US citizen is arrested for terror act, no Miranda rights for them. From this we learn that stupid doesn't care what bumper it swoops into.

I avoid cliches like the plague. (That's a joke, get it?) So I won't say 'slippery slope.' Instead I'll say the Rosenbergs were executed for treason, but at no moment right up until 'Old Sparky' was engaged were they considered anything less than full US citizens.

The Founders said the Constitution was to define the powers of government; the rights of citizens are given by God.

Now we want to de-citizen certain suspects? Oh, I know it sounds like loads of fun, but who gets to say what a 'terror act' is? Our Supreme Court finds LOTS of things in the Constitution. They're less than a decade from finding a right to same sex marriage. I'm surprised our Supreme Court hasn't found Jimmy Hoffa's corpse somewhere in the Constitution by now.

Some day, could a Rebel flag with Mr. Obama on it be interpreted as hate speech, and therefore an act of terror?

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