Saturday, May 22, 2010

And there ya Go

Kevin Costner and brainiac Scientist brother are poised to clean up Gulf Coast oil spill. Dang! I am SO gonna see that movie! He should have made that one in the first place, instead of that dumb ol' "Waterworld" mess!

Oh, wait? It's not a movie; it's reality. I always get those two mixed up!

Centrifuge approach, absolutely solid concept, might work. Lots of design devils in execution though. I wish Mr. Costner the best success.

Not the first time a movie star has had a hand in useful invention. Hedy Lamarr co-invented the tech now used in all cellphones. Ms. Lamarr was sexy like nobody's business. Random frequency reassignment. Personally, I believe she stole the idea from Nazi-cozy husband just before fleeing his clutches in 1937. Those Germans, so precise.

What else is going on in the news? Oh yeah, Greece is on fire and its tail feathers are catchin'.

Why it takes a bald hillbilly to scoop a half dozen Nobel laureate economists, I don't know exactly. But...told ya! Viability of the Euro is at stake here. Reason for precipitous US stock market volatility this week, is cause folks on Wall Street read my blog... no, wait? It was something else... oh yeah! European investors desperate to lock gains before currency exchange rate wiped them out. Also, DJ average will be lucky to close above 10,500 next Friday.

Getting a bit frustrating waiting for the Nobel laureates to pipe up before me, but here I go. Long term viability of the EU itself is at stake too. I don't even need to hit IPL and peruse current Greek journalism (Those people have a different word for EVERYTHING anyways!) to know a nativist current is starting to get traction.

Greece enjoys from EU membership lower tariffs, public works projects and some subsidies. Still, is in their short term interest to bail from the currency, re-establish the drachma, devalue it drastically, and repay creditors at the rate of Gyros for Euros.

As the saying goes, this ain't rocket surgery. I'm not the only human on Earth who knows this. Alexander Hamilton's ghost could tell you this stuff, because that's exactly how he made US a profit while paying off Revolutionary War debt. Somebody in Greece knows this too. Ms. Angela Merkel dang sure knows it. EU could very soon see nativists taking power in troubled member countries, and they secede.

Slowly, a verdict on globalism is being rendered. The baby will be thrown out with the bathwater, but that's how it goes sometimes. From little things, big things come. I didn't make that rule. A bloody Civil War culminating in decapitation of Charles I started with a woman in Scotland throwing a stool at a Preacher.

And in other news, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton threatens to send a stern
e-mail to what's about the weirdest nation on this planet, over sinking of a South Korean ship.

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