Sunday, April 5, 2009

You're stupid David

Let's recap, shall we? You will spend three days changing the starter on a Mustang that didn't actually need changing, and take pride in that. You will jump from airplanes, manage to see good in those whom the most advanced electron microscopes couldn't identify as having redeeming traits. You have actually been in a canoe on a river during a raging thunderstorm and enjoyed it. You enjoyed the privacy, since there were no other people on the river. Know why there weren't any other people on the river Dave? Because most people are not generally speaking, blithering idiots when it comes to life & limb issues.

But your latest example of stupidity is an outrage beyond all others. You know what I'm talking about David. How can you be so ignorant about the Canadian justice system? What is wrong with you?

That guy, who was HIV positive (just when I think I've learned the English language, they change meanings on me, so positive isn't good, not good at ALL) infected two sex partners, and they died. He didn't warn them his semen was swarming with bugs, so he's convicted of first degree murder, two counts.

Meanwhile, a lad was recently convicted for second degree murder about that whole bus ride thing. He decapitated a total stranger, while all the other passengers exited the bus very quickly. Contained inside the bus by the driver's quick thinking, the killer could only run around and show the victim's head to the other passengers standing outside. See, that's second degree murder David. It's not like he actually dug out the organs of his victim and started chewing on them. Well, OK he did that too. But that's second degree murder David. When you decapitate and cannibalize a total stranger, that's second degree murder.

So what the HELL is wrong with you David? How come you can't get the Canadian legal system? Decapitating strangers is second degree murder. Having consensual sex with people and not warning them about your HIV stuff, that's first degree murder.

You're so stupid David!

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