Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The adventure continues

Balderdash, Butt Dust! What is important will remain important in the face of family health issues, economic reversals and extended family legal issues. These things are distractions, but what is important will stay important, and only cowards would use them as an excuse to avoid adventure. Adventure MUST continue!

Remember David, the lines from that old Mac MacAnally song...

"And now they just go on, because they've lived so long, and they were raised that way, what a price to pay, just to live."

There are people within ten miles of here, barely ten years older than me, who go eat at Denny's every Sunday morning. Some impulse prevents them from visiting IHOP now & then, some deep fear that perhaps their head would explode. People like this exist, and they didn't just spring from Zeus' forehead one morning and head for the Denny's. They were raised that way, by others and themselves. Adventure is the antidote to becoming set in your ways.

If I know my astro physics (and I don't) my understanding of a black hole is a star collapses upon itself, once it's burned up most of itself, so what is left becomes so intensely compacted nothing can get out, not even light. And there we have the comfort zone. As humans age, their comfort zones become smaller and more intensely compacted. You don't want to be like that, do you David?

You want to make yourself intensely uncomfortable with new experiences. But how to do this David, in current circumstances? You've been trained in a consumer culture, thinking adventure costs money, which you don't have a lot to spare of here lately. This is very interesting. If you abandon adventure, it means adventure is the province of those with disposable income. Do we beleive that David? No, and HELL no we don't.

The next adventure will cost very little in terms of money and will make me intensely uncomfortable. I'm going to visit a Mosque for Friday worship. Big project, lots of risk. I might get told by several Imans over the phone, I can go suck an egg. But I bet I can find spirit kin among the Imans, somewhere. I'm gonna do it, I'm gonna be a Mosqueteer.

I'm not going to become an old man afraid of his own shadow. The old man I become is largely up to me. I choose adventure.

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