Saturday, February 14, 2009

Oh, Great!

This is a photograph of a dark comet. Sure some would say it's simply the night sky, but how could anyone be sure? That's just how those sneaky dark comets work. According to Scientists at the famous Institute of "Not a darned thing can be done about it, but we just wanted you to be scared," a dark comet is one that has lost its ice coating and so can't be detected with current technology. Not being an Astronomer, I would stupidly call that a great big space rock.

Further, the Scientists speculate there should be 3,000 comets in our Solar System, but only 25 have been found so far, and that means there may be more than a thousand sneaky dark comets just lurking out there... now wait a minute!

Couldn't it also mean our guys are really lousy at finding regular comets? My mom wouldn't put up with it. She'd say, "Well they didn't just grow legs and walk off did they?" She would then instruct the lazy Astronomers to get off their butts and find those other comets.

And just try to pawn off a picture of a space rock as a newly found "dark" comet with my mom? I wouldn't want to be around to see it, that's all I'm saying.

Still, it's reasonable there are dozens of big space rocks zipping around, and who knows, one day? Blammo, no more human race. That would at least solve the problems in the Middle East.

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