Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Backwards and Green

It's encouraging to see China shouldering its responsibility in solving this global crisis. By that of course I mean the missing comet deal. They aren't content with mumblings about "dark comets" and such as that. These people are finding the AWOL comets, tracking them down one by one. Here is a picture of Lulin. It was discovered by a Chinese teenager. Sources tell me (that would be the scary voices in my head) the name roughly translated means, "In your face you round eyed lazy clowns" or something like that.

Lulin is green because it bears components science never imagined a comet could contain. Also, while everything else in our solar system goes counter-clockwise, Lulin is going clockwise. This stubborn insistence on going opposite to all other things in the solar system is a brand new revelation to science as well.

Upon learning of the discovery, experts at the prestigious Institute for grandiose uninformed statements speculated there may be as many as 3000 backwards green comets out there somewhere, I mean like, you know?

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