Sunday, November 23, 2008

Oh, come on!

Why waste time thinking about a Hobson's choice with the big 3 auto makers? Tax dollars & ratholes love each other; nothing in the long run will keep them apart. But not every millionaire is seeking favors. It's time to stop stereotyping the filthy rich. See, these lads are millionaires too. It's obvious they're quite frightening to small children. That's as opposed to other kinds of millionaires, who scare grownups.

These men don't want a taxpayer bailout. They only want justice. It's always these shy, introverted types whose rights get trampled. Well I've seen the tears on their painted faces, and I'll speak up for KISS.

In essence, would seem entry requirements for a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame should work like this:
1.) You play rock & roll.
B.) You're famous.

With that criteria, there's no earthly reason why KISS isn't in there! Hey, I don't like their music, but millions do. Nobody can say they aren't unique, or that their influence doesn't endure. I bet they can do a sold-out world tour anytime they want. In Japan alone they'd make a mint, and not just because of their Kabuki makeup. So why is KISS not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame?

Is it cause the judges don't know what rock & roll is? I see they put James Taylor in their little Hall of Fame. Look, if there is one trait shared by all good rock & roll, it's....(drum roll please) it should be fun. Yep, rock & roll is music of rebellion. If you're at a rebellion and you're not having fun, you may be on the wrong side. KISS is fun, so they don't have to be deep and brooding. They've provided so much entertainment to their fans over the years. They should be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
Wait a minute! You don't think it's some kind of Pete Rose deal do you? Did KISS get caught betting on other bands?

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