Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fry the sea kittens

In small doses I quite enjoy flakes and crackpots. So I drop by the PETA website now and then.

PETA has decided since they've done a great job getting folks to stop eating pork, beef and chicken, now the fish need a hand, or a fin, I dunno. Actually they've given them paws. Yeah PETA thinks people will be reluctant to eat fish if the name is changed to "sea kitten." I think they got the idea from a really good Danny O'Keefe song...

Catfish got whiskers and a cute little grin,
But you never can tell where a catfish has been...

Then again, do PETA folks have a breadth of knowledge that would include O'Keefe songs? Maybe just a lucky guess.

I suspect if everybody went vegetarian tomorrow, many tens of millions would starve to death in a year. It's probably impossible to grow enough protein to feed the billions of humans on this planet. Fish, well sea kittens, they eat protein humans can't digest. And they convert it to protein humans can digest. Now beef, one could argue it takes more acres to provide a pound of animal protein than it would a pound of plant protein, and that sounds swell, but it's not nearly all the truth. Many places cattle graze around this world, you can't grow wheat there. Grass is stubborn, it'll grow lots of places. Wheat is different. Humans can't digest grass. Cattle can digest grass. Humans can digest cattle. I'm sensing a plan here.

Who knows? Maybe one reason starvation rages in India is because it's a mostly vegetarian country. This planet probably can't sustain several billion vegetarians. Think I'll continue to consume sea kittens.

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