Wednesday, June 25, 2008

About George Carlin

He was in a way, a sort of H.L. Mencken for our age. Guess we would disagree on many points, but I can still respect him.

In his later years much of Carlin's material wasn't particularly funny; in fact some of it was downright mean. Only he knew why he got like that I guess. To me though? Majority of human cases we should as our hearts allow, let a man's failings pass with him and remember something good.

George was a really funny guy when he was younger. Sure, as he grew older he morphed from comedian into a self-styled observer of culture. Such observers often don't have the value they assign themselves, and they're not correct as much as they think, but still? I will miss funny George. Heck, I started missing him 10 years ago.

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